Top 5 books about rivalry, as chosen by Charlotte Duckworth

From a fluffy Gruffalo nemesis to a woman scorned, we all have a rival

Daphne du Maurier

The seminal novel about jealousy. Mrs de Winter struggles to cope with living in the shadow of her husband’s deceased first wife, Rebecca. It has everything you could wish for: atmospheric writing, a compelling plot, fascinating characters and lots of twists.

The End of the Affair
Graham Greene

Maurice Bendrix never recovered from his affair with married Sarah Miles. When they meet again by chance, his jealousy and obsession move to a new level, but Maurice’s rival is not who he thinks it is. A thought-provoking and moving book, covering profound themes.

Our Kind of Cruelty
Araminta Hall

The story of a toxic obsession, told solely from the viewpoint of Mike, who refuses to accept his ex has moved on and is happy with her new partner. It’s unbelievably creepy and compelling, with a devastating ending.

His Other Lover
Lucy Dawson

Mia has the perfect life – until she finds a text message from another woman on her boyfriend’s phone. This is a rollercoaster read, detailing the depths she’ll go to to keep her relationship on track. Another one I couldn’t put down.

The Gruffalo
Julia Donaldson

This is my three-year-old daughter’s favourite book, and so I’ve read it approximately 8,798 times. It tells the story of humble Mouse, who defeats his terrifying nemesis the Gruffalo with pure quick wits.

The Rival by Charlotte Duckworth is published on September 6 (Quercus, £14.99)