Miles Jupp: ‘My teenage self would be impressed I’ve met Michael Atherton’

Forget George Clooney – the actor/comedian's passions were more sporty when he was 16

Miles Jupp has worked with George Clooney and the cream of British TV ­– but his teenage self is much more likely to be impressed that’s he’s met his cricketing hero Michael Atherton.

Speaking in a Letter To My Younger Self this week, the actor and comedian says he’d be amazed at what he’s achieved since his breakthrough role in 2002 as Archie the Inventor in CBeebies show Balamory. But he admits that his passions at 16 were more of a sporting nature.

He said: “He’d probably like Rev, and The Thick of It. But the thing that would impress him most would be me addressing the Wisden Cricket dinner with Michael Atherton sitting four feet away and laughing.


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“The teenage me would probably be quite impressed that I’d worked with George Clooney [in Clooney’s 2014 film The Monuments Men], that would be quite cool.

“George Clooney was nice, a very friendly guy. But meeting my cricket heroes would mean more to my teenage self.”

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