Bakery Greggs offers free cakes to ease loneliness among older people

The high street giant is backing a charity's tea party scheme which arranges monthly get-togethers for elderly people who would otherwise be isolated

‘Free cakes’ is an offer that’s likely to grab anyone’s attention. And a charity that’s trying to ease the isolation of elderly people is hoping it’ll give a sugar boost to a tea party scheme that brings lonely seniors together for conversation and friendship.

Contact the Elderly runs free get-togethers for people who otherwise would be cut off due to disability or care needs.

High street bakery giant Greggs is backing the scheme, with 20 of its Scottish shops offering free buns to anyone volunteering as a tea party host.

“The value of enjoying a shared afternoon of cakes and company is immeasurable,” said Morna O’May of Contact the Elderly.

“Thanks to our amazing volunteers, alongside organisations such as Greggs, we can ensure scores of older people who may otherwise have been alone are enjoying a vital lifeline of friendship on a Sunday afternoon.”

The charity said most of the people using its 750 groups nationwide fall into the category of ‘oldest old’ – 45 per cent are in their 80s, while 19 per cent are in their 90s and one per cent are in their 100s.

Volunteer drivers and party hosts bring them together for the monthly parties – held on Sundays, said to be the loneliest day of the week – which help develop friendships and support networks.

To attend or volunteer at a tea party call 0800 716543.