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The Big Issue Big Book Giveaway – Nominate a group, we’ll send them books!

We believe in the power of words. With literacy levels struggling across the UK and library closures hitting hard, we want to give you a hand to get books to those who need them

At The Big Issue we’re committed to improving literacy. It matters, hugely.

In February we launched #whybooksmatter – our campaign for better literacy in Britain. We believe early work can improve the life chances of those who need it most, and when researcher Professor Yvonne Kelly got in touch after seeing our campaign launch with some brand-new research we saw the incredible benefits of reading for your child.

Did you know, for example, that reading to all children daily could result in a 20 per cent fall in the numbers of youngsters with behavioural problems? Or that between the ages of three and five, children who are read to daily do better in all tests that predict how well they will get on at school?


It’s not just children who are struggling. Across the UK there are low levels of literacy among adults. Almost 27 per cent of Scotland’s adult population face challenges due to lack of literacy; five million English adults have below functional literacy; 12 per cent of Welsh adults lack basic literacy skills. But it’s never too late to take the leap toward a better future.

Unfortunately though, libraries are under threat. Last year, £25m less was spent on libraries in Britain, a 2.6 per cent fall from the £919m the year before, a reflection of cuts by local authorities looking to free up cash for frontline services. The knock-on effects are disastrous – for reading groups, for those who can’t afford to buy new books, for those who need to use library computers to get online when they don’t have access at home, for the marginalised for whom libraries are a welcome sanctuary.


There are currently around 2,000 Big Issue sellers working hard on the streets each week.

Likewise, the problem of school library closures is a closure of opportunity.

We want to help do something simple and practical, especially with Christmas approaching.

Every week, we are sent books. We’re lucky in that respect. We can’t keep them all, So we want to spread the love, spread the literacy and ensure that as many people as we can help have access to books. But we need your help.

We want you to nominate reading groups in your local community who could use some great new books. It could be a mother and toddler group; it could be for adult literacy; it could be a community organisation to help prisoners rehabilitate or to help older people who may be lonely meet other people. Whether you’re after fiction or non-fiction, crime or children’s books. It doesn’t matter – if the group is in need, we want to help.

It’s up to you. Simply tell us who they are, why you’d like them to get books, and we’ll send them. It’s as simple as that.

Email to nominate an organisation. Make sure to pass on a postal address for them.