Big Issue vendor Clive has been named on Plymouth’s Happy List

The Theatre Royal vendor raises a smile locally by acting in shows with his dog Geezer – and that has earned him a place on Plymouth Live’s list

Big Issue vendor Clive spent last week wowing audiences at the Theatre Royal Plymouth and has now been named on Plymouth’s Happy List.

The seller, 56, starred in the show CITIZEN last week – along with pet dog Geezer – after beating alcoholism and conquering his mental health demons, partly by taking part in Our Space and Project X classes at the theatre.

His remarkable transformation has also captured the attention of news site Plymouth Live which included him on their 119-strong Happy List.

Clive takes pride of place on the list packed with “inspirational people from our city who go above and beyond in their respective fields, or carry out random acts of kindness to spread cheer to others”.


The Big Issue magazine is read by an estimated 379,195 people across the UK and circulates 82,294 copies every week.

Ahead of his turn in CITIZEN– where he told stories inspired by his past, The Big Issue and his customers on stage – Clive told The Big Issue how his latest achievement should be a shining example to others.

“It’s a massive step up for me. The scale is immense,” he said. “From humble beginnings at the Our Space programme at the theatre I’ve got stronger and stronger.

“It’s a big thing for the theatre, it’s big for me and big for The Big Issue. There’s a lot resting on my shoulders because I’m representing The Big Issue, representing the homeless and representing people on the outside of society.

“When I do these things, I want to give a performance that is good enough for other people who are on the streets to have a way to follow and find a path for themselves to build a future.”

Image: Trevor Burrows