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Big Issue’s exclusive #WEARABIGISSUE T-shirts causing a street art sensation

Street artists “thrilled” to be involved in our limited edition new #WEARABIGISSUE Big Issue fashion range

Last week’s launch of the new, limited edition exclusive fashion range #WEARABIGISSUE has been lauded among the art world on social media.

Artists, galleries and social enterprise movers and shakers have hailed the new Big Issue Shop range of 10 T-shirts all tackling a different global issue and designed exclusively of The Big Issue by eight leading and rising stars of the street art scene – and one look at the collection shows why!

Big Issue vendors are back!

It’s not just the shops that are opening again. From Monday 12th April onwards,  Big Issue vendors are back in business, with a big smile and a stack of magazines. Buy from your local vendor today!

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Artist Joe Webb, whose Candy Bomber I and Candy Bomber II addresses the issue of children growing up in war-torn countries, proclaimed: “Candy Bomber T-shirt now out! ALL proceeds to The Big Issue, supporting the homeless.”

Hayden Kays said he was excited to get on board to work with The Big Issue, and has wanted to do so for years. His design, The Gift That Keeps on Taking, tackles head-on the issue of mental health. He tweeted: “I’m thrilled to introduce #WEARABIGISSUE fashion brand in association with @BigIssue”.

Shuby, whose two designs – Decrim Woman and Decrim Boot – raise the issue of criminalisation of prostitutes, tweeted: “Show support for the safety of sex workers with #decrim t-shirts #WEARABIGISSUE #dogoodlookinggood”.

And Ceal Warnants, whose Tits for Tats T-shirt aims to make people stop and think about how girls grow up in the modern world, urged art fans and fashionistas to “Grab a tee while stocks last” – these exclusive designs are limited editions, so we couldn’t agree more!

And every purchase through The Big Issue Shop has a social echo, so by buying one of these T-shirts you not only share an important message with the world you #dogoodlookinggood.

To see the full range and buy one (available in women’s and men’s, roll-top or normal sleeve, priced £30 + £3.50 P&P) click here.