Bubble’s incredible story has had customers’ chins dropping to the floor

Karl Lamsdale's tale of recovery from the alleged hit-and-run incident that left him with broken bones, sepsis and two heart attacks has been inspirational

Brave vendor Karl Lamsdale’s remarkable resurrection after a suspected hit-and-run has had his customers’ “chins dropping to the floor”.

The Birmingham Snow Hill station vendor, known as Bubble to his regulars, “saw the face of God” after the incident in January left him in a coma and battling back from broken bones, sepsis and two heart attacks.

His incredible story was featured on the cover of this week’s magazine and the vendor told The Big Issue that his customers have been stunned after reading the tale told in his own words.

“It’s been a good opportunity for people to see me in the magazine because a lot of my regulars have been asking me when I was going to be in aside from the little updates. The feedback has been brilliant,” he said.

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I’ve had a nice reaction from people who have been asking me what it has been like to sell the magazine again. Lots of my regulars lot were telling me to get on the My Pitch page.

“This week I’ve had staff from the train station coming out to buy the magazine and read my story. It’s been great.”

Harry Karl Bubble Lamsdale
Reader Harry was delighted to see vendor Bubble back on his pitch Image: Big Issue reader Jemma

Karl added: “There a few people who have said, “Where have you been?” and then they read my story and you can just see their chin drop to the floor.

“I’ve had a little bit of an upturn in sales. I have been working reduced hours until I get my strength back – but my sales are the same as when I was working before my accident.”