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Can you spot yours? Here’s every Christmas Kids’ Cover Competition entry

We were blown away by the almost 900 covers sent to us by youngsters from all over the UK

Nothing makes it the most wonderful time of the year at Big Issue HQ quite like the Christmas Kids’ Cover Competition.

Once again, we were stunned by the 900 entries we received from kids of all ages and from all across the country – and don’t just take our word for it, our judge Julian Clary was floored too. Our theme of ‘Together’ struck a chord and it was touching to see how many children had spent so much time with pens, paints and glitter creating Christmassy covers.

Of course, we only have one magazine cover and so Kaoriko Tamura came out on top in the end – congratulations to her! – but every other entry also deserved showcasing.

That’s why we’ve put together the above video gallery – see if you can spot yours in the video above! Thanks for entering and don’t forget to get involved again in next years’ Christmas Kids’ Cover Competition!