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Caroline Lucas says our Future Generations Pledge puts power in kids’ hands

The Green Party figurehead has taken the pledge and will co-sponsor the Future Generations Bill through the House of Commons

Green Party figurehead Caroline Lucas insists that our Future Generations Pledge is crucial to “building a better world for our children” has backed our campaign.

From the beginning, Lucas has been a big supporter of our bid to ensure that politicians and public bodies consider the future impact of the decisions they make in the present.

She helped Big Issue founder Lord John Bird launch his Future Generations Bill and has promised to co-sponsor it through the House of Commons when it is reintroduced to Parliament when it resumes following the general election.

Lucas was also one of the first politicians to support our Future Generations Pledge – alongside 112 of her Green Party colleagues at current count.

“We have to build a better world for our children, so they have jobs, homes, clean air and a habitable planet,” Lucas told The Big Issue. “That’s why I’m supporting The Big Issue’s Future Generations Pledge, so that their needs are front and centre of all government decision-making. No more short-termism which delivers quick fixes for today but ignores the impacts tomorrow.

“We are facing so many crises right now, but the most serious is the climate emergency. This election could be our last chance to address it and get off the dangerous path we are now on. That’s why the Green Party has made a Green New Deal the focus of its election pledges, building a sustainable, more equal society where everyone can thrive.


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“That’s not all. People want to take back control over their lives, and that means rebuilding our democracy, removing power from Westminster and creating a fairer voting system so people feel they have a say in what happens in their lives.

“A healthy democracy, green jobs, a more equal society and a liveable planet. This must be our pledge to future generations.”

Lucas led the Green Party, alongside Jonathan Bartley, up until 2018 when she handed over power to current co-leaders Bartley and Sian Berry.

Bartley has joined Lucas in taking the Future Generations Pledge while the Greens were the only major party to include plans for a Future Generations Bill in their manifesto.

The document included vows to “Introduce a Future Generations Act for England, modelled on the current Act for Wales, building the needs of future generations into every government decision” as well as “appointing a Minister for Future Generations to represent young people at the heart of government”.