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Changemakers Top 100: Celebrating the thinkers, creators and agitators

This week we're celebrating the top 100 changemakers across tech, sport, arts, journalism, housing and more!

When we redesigned The Big Issue last year, one of the key new elements introduced was the Changemakers page. It is a place to shine a light on fascinating and inspirational people who are changing the world for the better, though they’re frequently under the radar.

It has become clear that given the volume of these thinkers, creators and agitators, people who are not sitting by but who are grabbing challenges and trying to deal with them, we needed more space.

We decided to devote an entire edition to Changemakers. We’ve selected 100 Changemakers who we believe will change things in 2019. There are campaigners and campaigns, people working in tech and in business, in music and the arts, in literacy, sport and in charities and social policy. Our list is made up a lot of the people who you wouldn’t normally hear about, plus a number who you do.

Our criteria are simple: this is about investment in a better future for all.

As we sail into increasingly uncertain Brexit waters, as cuts continue to decimate local services, as it’s clear central government will not save us, so the brave and righteous Changemakers will be torch-bearers to light the way.

And yes, you will argue with some and wonder why others are not there. Tell us about them. Tell us who YOU want to highlight as a great Changemaker. Tell us who we need to be thinking about for our 2020 list.

Finally, the listing runs from 1 – 100, not as a qualitative measure, rather because we simply need to keep count.