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Christopher Eccleston: ‘My gift this Christmas is a Big Issue subscription’

The former Doctor is the first in our Big Issue ambassadorial programme, sharing our work and the stories of Big Issue vendors to as many people as possible

Sorry to spoil the Eccleston family Christmas, but Christopher Eccleston will be getting all of his loved ones subscriptions to The Big Issue magazine – and he is urging you to do the same.

The renowned actor and former Doctor will this week become a Big Issue Brand Ambassador as we launch our ambassadorial programme. Watch this space for more info on who else will be following him this week.

Eccleston will help The Big Issue get the word out about vital the work we do and the stories of Big Issue vendors.

That has never been more important as The Big Issue endures the toughest time in our 29-year history. The Covid-19 lockdown in England means 1,000 vendors are currently off the streets and unable to sell the magazine while vendors in Wales are only just returning following a firebreak lockdown.

The Big Issue is working hard to support vendors through this period. Frontline teams will continue to stay in contact with vendors, providing reassurance as well as gift payments and supermarket vouchers to reduce the impact of lost income.

But that is only possible with your help. How can you help out? Let Christopher Eccleston explain.

“Nothing has been worse for Big Issue vendors than this pandemic. So say to your best friend, my gift to you this Christmas is a subscription to The Big Issue,” he says.

“As well as the importance of buying the magazine, it is important to have a conversation with our vendors. But we are no longer able to engage with our vendors.

Support The Big Issue and our vendors by signing up for a subscription

“That human contact has gone for now and so has the money, so what I’m going to do is this. My mum will be getting a subscription to The Big Issue, my children will be getting subscriptions to The Big Issue.

“It’s a very direct way to reach out to citizens of Great Britain who have been hit harder than anybody in this pandemic, apart from the elderly in care homes who lost their lives to it.”

For more from Christopher Eccleston as well as Street Cat Bob and lots more, buy this week’s Big Issue magazine. While vendors are off the streets, you can subscribe to the magazine to get it sent directly to your door every week or you can get a digital subscription through The Big Issue app. And you can buy the magazine from The Big Issue Shop.

Image: Johnny Ring

Big Issue vendors need your help now more than ever. More than 1,000 vendors are out of work because of the second lockdown in England. They can’t sell the magazine and they can’t rely on the income they need.

The Big Issue is helping our vendors with supermarket vouchers and gift payments but we need your help to do that.

Please buy this week’s magazine from the online shop or take out a subscription to make sure we can continue to support our vendors over this difficult period. You can even link your subscription to your local vendor with our new online map.

Thank you all so much for your ongoing support.