Cover creator Coldwar Steve to sell The Big Issue in Birmingham

The Twitter sensation will also be signing copies of the magazine

This week’s Big Issue cover creator Coldwar Steve will don the red tabard and get a taste of life as a vendor when he sells copies of the magazine in Birmingham tomorrow.

The Twitter sensation, real name Christopher Spencer, will be selling and signing copies of the issue alongside vendor Andy King at the Piccadilly Arcade in New Street between 2.30 and 3.30pm on Wednesday (March 27).

Spencer created a special cover featuring some of his regular guest stars such as Theresa May, Chris Grayling, Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and, of course, Steve McFadden.

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The pitch is the same one that Labour MP Jess Phillips did her own sell-off last year – although the Birmingham Yardley MP only managed to sell two copies in her allocated hour.

The Big Issue Brexit Cover

On the exclusive cover, which is now available on The Big Issue Shop and on the streets now, Spencer said: “An abandoned caravan is something that I use quite a lot, especially with it falling in the river. It’s obviously a metaphor for Brexit. It’s a pretty obvious one, but it’s got Chris Grayling bumbling his way out of there and the usual suspect poking their heads up. Boris Johnson is running off the other way with his tatty flag. Farage is amphibian anyway, so it’s ideal that he’s part in water.

“Nick Knowles is just soaking it all up, oozing his charisma.

“Merkel is looking at her watch wondering what the f**k they’ve all been doing, this is as far as you’ve got in three years. Jacob Rees-Mogg is just refusing to take responsibility for anything, just wandering off into the woods. Nick Knowles is just soaking all up, oozing his charisma.”

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The Big Issue, the magazine sold by vendors to lift themselves out of poverty, is available to buy now across the UK for £2.50.

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