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Dynamo: My isolation preservation kit

The boxsets, music, exercises and more that helped Dynamo while in isolation with coronavirus

Binge-worthy boxsets

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve watched a lot of TV. I completed all series of Ray Donovan, it’s a brilliant show. It’s about a Hollywood fixer. Let’s say a Hollywood superstar accidentally gets caught doing something they shouldn’t, he’s the guy who comes and fixes the problem. It’s obviously a bit over the top, but when you’ve worked in the TV industry you can relate to some of the experiences a little bit. I also really enjoyed Bulletproof on Sky One. I was messaging Noel Clarke on Instagram telling him how much I liked the show.

Read all about it

Some of the books I read while I was in hospital helped get me through so I recommend them for anyone having a tough time. Ryan Holiday’s book The Obstacle is the Way is probably most useful right now. It’s about flipping your perspective, approaching every obstacle put in front of you with an open mind. You don’t have to let it stop you in your tracks.

Comfort foods

I’ve also been using this time to improve my cooking skills, because they’re not that good. I’ve been making omelettes and pancakes. Just simple stuff but for me, as someone who’s never really cooked, it’s been quite liberating. The favourite thing I made was a giant Yorkshire pudding, and I put a roast beef-like dinner inside it. But my cooking skills aren’t the best. I wouldn’t expect a Dynamo cookbook any time soon.


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Staying active

I think it’s really important that we at least try and create a structure in our day that is similar to the structure we have when we go out to work or go about our daily business. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a few days where I’ve binge-watched so many TV shows. But if [before lockdown] you went to the gym before work, do a workout and then start your work from home. There’s people like Joe Wicks and there’s YouTuber, Chris Heria, whose videos I watch. Then I sit in front of my little notebook and try to create new magic ideas. Sometimes I come up with not that much, but then other times the juices start flowing and I get loads of ideas written down.

Time for a new skill

You might not necessarily be able to learn magic to my level in this time, but anyone can at least start to learn sleight of hand skills to entertain their family and friends when they are able to see them. There are so many YouTube videos that teach basic magic skills and all you need is a pack of cards. Imagine when all this is over if we all emerged with a new set of skills. That would be very impressive and really amazing. And it means that we’ve created something positive from the negative situation we’ve found ourselves in.

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