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Finlay Pringle: ‘The youth climate movement is coming – ready or not’

Global shark ambassador Finlay Pringle, 11, is one of the young people who have called on politicians to do more to save the planet

Living by the sea and being a global shark ambassador, the impact of climate change on the oceans is always on my mind. Without healthy, cool oceans we will not have a healthy planet to live on.

Our planet is blue because like us it is mostly made of water. The oceans produce more than 50 per cent of the oxygen we breathe and absorb a similar amount of man-made carbon dioxide. As sea temperatures rise this will reduce and affect the whole planet.

Talking and doing nothing is not acceptable,

Jacques Cousteau said: “We only protect what we love.” Well, I love the oceans and all the creatures that live there and for the sake of the future of our planet I will fight for them and encourage everyone to do the same.

Having been to the EU Parliament in Strasbourg and the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh recently, I feel that the politicians are still not doing enough to combat climate change. There are solutions available to combat climate change but there still seems to be a lack of political will to take the difficult long-term decisions to sort these problems.

The politicians need to take action. They need to realise that the youth climate movement is coming whether they like it or not and we will continue to strike until they solve this crisis. Talking and doing nothing is not acceptable. If they choose to do nothing then kids of my generation will replace them with something better which gives us a future, which puts planet before profit.

Finlay Pringle is talking all things beneath the sea at @FinlayPringle and