Get your hands on The Big Issue’s exclusive Coldwar Steve Cover Collection

T-shirts, mugs, tea towels and our special edition Coldwar Steve magazine - we're making sense out of the chaos

In this week of weeks, this time we’re in, we decided a chronicler of the age was needed. We asked the man behind the Coldwar Steve phenomenon to create an exclusive Big Issue cover. He agreed. It’s an incredible piece of work. One for the ages. We’re proud to send it to print.

The special edition will be hitting the streets on Monday 25th March. If you don’t buy from a local vendor, you can purchase the magazine on The Big Issue Shop, along with a host of other exclusive Coldwar Steve merch items – including tea towels, mugs, and t-shirts. And then make sure to find a local vendor.

Paul McNamee, editor of The Big Issue, says: “Nothing is resolved. And nothing looks like being resolved soon. We’re sitting, it feels like, somewhere between absurdity and the abyss. Trying to find anything new to say is a fool’s errand. And yet Coldwar Steve has somehow, in his funny, bleak, pillorying pieces, summed up the times we’re in. He was the perfect – the only – man to create this week’s cover. We’re delighted he agreed to create his first ever magazine cover as a cover for The Big Issue.”


Coldwar Steve, aka Chris Spencer, says: “An abandoned caravan is something that I use quite a lot, especially with it falling in the river. It’s obviously a metaphor for Brexit. It’s a pretty obvious one, but it’s got Chris Grayling bumbling his way out of there and the usual suspect poking their heads up. Boris Johnson is running off the other way with his tatty flag. Farage is amphibian anyway, so it’s ideal that he’s part in water.”

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The Big Issue, the magazine sold by vendors to lift themselves out of poverty, is available to buy from  25th March across the UK for £2.50.