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Grenfell management group relieved of its duties

Following the deadly tower block fire, Theresa May reveals Kensington and Chelsea TMO will no longer be running the housing estate

In the wake of the terrible Grenfell Tower disaster, the estate’s management organisation has been just one of the groups to have faced fierce criticism from the former residents.

Although a public inquiry is yet to establish fault for the fire, the Prime Minister announced today that Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) will no longer be responsible for the Lancaster Estate that includes Grenfell.

May informed former residents of the decision at a meeting with at least 60 survivors on Tuesday.

On Wednesday she told the BBC: “I was pleased that I was able to tell them…that the tenant management organisation will no longer have responsibility for the Lancaster West housing estate.”

“People were pleased to hear that.”

The Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO) was set up back in 1996, part of the “stock transfer” wave of social housing estates moving out of council control.

The TMO continues to manage almost 10,000 properties in the west London neighbourhood, while Kensington and Chelsea Council takes over the running of Lancaster Estate on a temporary basis.

We will do it with them

Elizabeth Campbell, leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council, said the local authority would consider “all options” in deciding who would now manage the estate in future.

The council has thus far struggled to secure long-term housing for the Grenfell’s former residents. So far, only nine offers of permanent accommodation have been taken up, although the council now has 105 properties it is offering to survivors.

“Absolutely every single person will be phoned up, we will engage one-to-one and we will do it with them,” said Campbell.

Dozens of others made homeless by the fire have been living in temporary accommodation.

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