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‘He’s a cool guy’: Stormzy greets Big Issue vendor in London on his return

The superstar rapper quipped to regular vendor Elizabeth Littlejohn that he was the ‘reason he didn’t get a parking ticket’ as the pair met on Monday
Stormzy greeted Big Issue vendor LJ as the seller returned to his pitch on April 12. Image credit: Rick Findler / Story Picture Agency

Customers have flocked to support Big Issue vendors after they returned to their pitches on April 12 – including superstar rapper Stormzy.

The music icon was pictured giving Big Issue vendor Elizabeth ‘LJ’ Littlejohn a fistbump as he parked his car outside the Chanel store in London’s West End on April 12.

The pair have struck up a friendship during Littlejohn’s 18-month spell on the pitch and the vendor revealed Stormzy was pleased to see him for more than one reason yesterday.

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Elizabeth 'LJ' Littlejohn counts Stormzy as a regular customer

“It was cool to see him, he’s a nice guy. He thanked me yesterday because he said I was the reason that he didn’t get a parking ticket!” said 45-year-old Littlejohn.

“He’s a cool guy. I usually sell to Stormzy every month or so when I’m on that pitch.

“Whenever I see him we talk about fashion and music – he’s a great asset to the music business. I’m a big fan.”

Big Issue vendors began selling the magazine on their pitches in England and Wales for the first time in 2021 on April 12 after Covid-19 lockdowns halted street sales.

Littlejohn, who has sold the magazine for five years, told The Big Issue he was delighted to return to see his regular customers, including Stormzy.

“It was wicked to be back out there, getting out there and doing a bit, enjoyed it. I’m back out trying hard as per usual,” Littlejohn added.

“Lockdown was horrible, I hated it so it was good to be back.”

Stormzy is not the only celebrity Big Issue supporting vendors in their first week back.

Line of Duty actor and Big Issue ambassador Daniel Mays has also been urging people to buy the magazine from their local vendor.

He said: “As restrictions begin to ease vendors across England and Wales are back selling today after nearly 23 weeks in lockdown. It’s crucial we support our local vendors as much now as we did during lockdown. Many thanks. Your help is greatly appreciated.”

Mays’ fellow ambassador, Tottenham MP David Lammy, also urged people to back sellers. He said: “Big Issue vendors are back in business. Help kickstart their 2021 by buying from your local vendor today.”