Jarvis Cocker has the perfect playlist to go with your Big Issue magazine

Not only is the Pulp frontman guest-editing the latest magazine, he’s also given us an exclusive recording of his lockdown Domestic Disco sessions. Buy the mag, stick on the playlist and have a dance in your living room!

‘So what did you during the lockdown, Daddy-O?’

That’s the question that Jarvis Cocker’s asking as he takes the reins of this week’s special edition guest-edited Big Issue magazine.

The Pulp frontman has brought together the thinkers and creative voices he has been listening to since the country and its creative industries went into lockdown for an unmissable read.

And not only that: Jarvis is also providing the perfect soundtrack to accompany it.

While he was stuck indoors back in April – just like us Common People – the cultural icon decided to spin a few records with his mega-popular Domestic Disco livestreams.

For the entirety of this week, Jarvis has exclusively provided The Big Issue with the full recording of one of those unique sessions and you can listen to it right here! Grab your magazine, stick on the playlist and dance to Jarvis’s tunes in your living room.

The special edition Big Issue magazine is available from Monday August 10, from vendors all over the UK. If you’re unable to reach your local vendor, you can still subscribe to receive the magazine directly to your door or device via our print subscription or The Big Issue app on the Apple Store or on Google Play.

Image: Jeanette Lee