Join the great debate: how to change the world in post-Brexit Britain

Alastair Campbell, Jarvis Cocker, Nick Clegg and AC Grayling lead an all-star line-up in the quest to invent a new post-Brexit Britain...

The local elections and mayoral polls are over, and now the UK political class is saddling up for the next big one – the General Election on June 8. After their council wipeout UKIP’s goose is cooked, so it is now down to the big hitters to slug it out. Will May get her mandate? Will Corbyn pull a rabbit out the hat? Will the Lib Dems and SNP tip the scales? Will the Greens grow?

With all the voting going on you might think the small matter of Brexit has almost faded into the background – but that is all about to change, with a major conference in London this week to discuss “Post-Brexit Britain: a new world that requires new thinking, new voices and new ideas.”


There are currently around 1,450 Big Issue sellers working hard on the streets each week.

The Convention, at Central Hall, London, will draw together some of the great political thinkers, philosophers and voices from culture and commerce to debate the future of Blighty outside Europe.

Passing around the political hot-potato will be figures including Alastair Campbell, Nick Clegg, AC Grayling and Jarvis Cocker, among others. Things could get heated but one thing is for sure – there will emerge a new vision for Britain at the end. And that is good news for everyone.

The Convention runs May 12 and 13, with tickets available here. For full details visit

Alastair Campbell Photo: By Chatham House CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons