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This laundry app is collecting emergency Covid-19 homelessness fund donations

Laundrapp is supporting Crisis’s In This Together campaign to help homeless people through the crisis

An online laundry service is backing a major campaign to help the homeless through the coronavirus pandemic.

Laundrapp is collecting donations from customers on behalf of Crisis as part of the charity’s In This Together emergency homelessness fund.

The company – which offers an online laundry and dry cleaning service across London and other UK towns and cities – has added a ‘donate’ option to its app checkout, giving customers the option to add a £1 donation to their basket. It has also set up a fundraising page for customers who wish to donate more.

What’s more, the company will add an additional 10 per cent on top of all donations received.

Homeless people have been hit especially hard by the coronavirus outbreak – a fact underlined this week by a UN expert, who labelled many governments’ response to the crisis “inhumane”.

The homelessness charity’s frontline staff are using the funds to deliver essential services to rough sleepers, such as food and wellbeing packages. They have also delivered more than 50 grants to other homelessness organisations to help their response to the pandemic.

The charity has also put pressure on the government to provide robust support for those facing homelessness at this time, including local council funding to provide temporary housing and unconditional support for everyone who needs it, regardless of their immigration status.

Laundrapp’s support of the campaign is just one example of how companies and communities have pulled together to help homeless and vulnerable people through these unprecedented times.

Earlier this week the Post Office teamed up with the Government to get cash payments sent directly to the homes of elderly and vulnerable people during the coronavirus lockdown.

Meanwhile, Co-op – one of the major supermarket brands to start stocking The Big Issue since lockdown began – has set up a fund to help food banks, funeral hardship and community causes.

And in Milton Keynes, 15-year-old school boy Rudra Nakade has been busy printing 3D protective masks to help frontline medical staff stay safe while they treat Covid-19 patients.

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