Big Issue Vendor

‘Listen to my voice’: Our AR special is re-engaging readers with our vendors

Our Augmented Reality special was produced in partnership with technology company Konica Minolta to help our readers see differently

In an increasingly interconnected world, Konica Minolta understands that the impact and sustainability of our business are not limited to our customers but extend to the people and entities that form our value network. This includes the communities in which we operate and our natural environment.

In particular, we recognise that for some organisations, such as The Big Issue, technology can be a double-edged sword. Increasingly, Big Issue vendors who rely on the strong emotional connection they have with the public are faced with emotionally unengaged people, with their head down, looking at their phones and walking straight past them. It’s forming a barrier to the crucial connection and value exchange that was previously there.

By engaging with The Big Issue and working with the magazine to create exciting and engaging content using our genARate service, we hope to help The Big Issue continue to bridge the gap between the printed word and digital world.

To deepen The Big Issue’s relationship with the public and its vendors by offering unique, innovative content. And, perhaps, most importantly, to help people re-engage with the street vendors by seeing them differently. Not just as a homeless person on the street, but as an individual with a sense of purpose and dignity.

Using genARate, we challenge you to look beyond the surface to what lies beneath. Go ahead – download the app for free and have a go. When you start the app on your phone and place your camera over the page, you’ll find loads of articles and items that reveal hidden content that’s both informative and heartwarming. Whether it’s finding out more about the hardworking Big Issue vendors through enhanced videos, hearing how you can help manage your mental health on social media or reading about how to live a healthier, smarter tech life in 2019 – now THAT’S worth finding out about!

So, what are you waiting for? Come on in…

Ashley McConnell

International business development manager, Konica Minolta Europe