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More than 70 politicians backing our Future Generations Pledge were elected

Our Future Generations campaign does not end at the election – we’ll be keeping an eye on the new MPs as well as relaunching Lord John Bird’s Future Generations Bill

Around 70 of the politicians who were elected in last night’s general election have taken our Future Generations Pledge.

Of the 561 signees, 72 ended up in power – meaning The Big Issue will be scrutinising the decisions that they make in the next five years to ensure that they consider the impact on generations to come.

Our campaign will continue once Parliament formally reopens, with Lord John Bird reintroducing his Future Generations Bill to the House of Lords after the election forced the draft legislation to start its journey into law from the beginning.

We decided to keep the spirit of the bill – which aims to create a UK Future Generations Commissioner to scrutinise decisions made by public bodies – alive with the Future Generations Pledge.

We asked politicians to:


Working to prevent problems, including the climate crisis and poverty, from happening instead of dealing in short-term, political emergencies.


Taking their needs into account in new policies, budgets and laws, giving them a seat at the table.


Delivering a new, sustainable vision for the nation that prioritises the environmental, social, economic and cultural wellbeing of current and future generations.”


There are currently around 2,000 Big Issue sellers working hard on the streets each week.

The pledge proved a smash hit. It was the only idea that all the major parties agreed on, attracting cross-party support as well as unanimous backing from all of the main political leaders, including Boris Johnson, Nicola Sturgeon as well as Green figurehead Carolina Lucas and Plaid Cymru’s Adam Price. Outgoing or already former leaders Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Swinson also supported the pledge.

Now we’re past the election, The Big Issue will continue campaigning for the forward-thinking that is vital to stop us repeating the mistakes of the past in the future.

As Lord Bird puts it: “The Future Generations Bill, building on the Welsh example, is what grown-up thinking needs to ensure that it doesn’t just satisfy our immediate needs, but casts a happy shadow forward.”