Street Cat Bob is moving on but he’s leaving us with a crazy new cartoon

Our favourite feline Bob and his beloved companion James Bowen share some big news

It’s been four years since Street Cat Bob made his big front page splash on the cover of The Big Issue back in 2014 and it’s been six since his pal James Bowen started sharing the story of the perfect pair’s life changing tale, but now with an animated cartoon series on the way, it’s time for our furry friend to put his paws up.


Speaking exclusively in this week’s Big Issue, Bob’s companion and former Big Issue vendor turned bestselling author James shared the big news:

“Bob and I have been together now for 11 years. He’d had an amazing decade. He’s travelled the world and made dozens of TV appearances. He’d even appeared a royal film premiere.

“In cat years he must be well into middle age so I feel it is time for him to take it a little easier. To enjoy the new life he has with me living in a new house in south London.”

Don’t panic Bobites! The world’s favourite ginger tabby isn’t going to retire completely. As well as a few appearances ahead of their new book The Little Book of Bob, Bob will now be starring in his own cartoon.

Read all about Bob’s adventures in animation and how the duo have inspired people the world over, only in this week’s Big Issue.

If you can’t find a vendor near you and are desperate to get your paws on a copy – you can pick up this week’s issue (and all of our previous Bob covers!) at The Big Issue Shop.