Street Cat Bob looks majestic in a new portrait by Rankin

Pet charity Blue Cross has commissioned a new portrait series documenting celebrities and their pets

The Big Issue’s favourite feline pal, Street Cat Bob, has been captured posing with his owner James Bowen by renowned portrait photographer Rankin.

The duo were snapped as part of national pet charity Blue Cross’ new photo series documenting celebrities, their pets, and the special roles pets play in our lives.¬†Other portraits in the series include comedian Jimmy Carr with his pooch Marine, and actress Miranda Richardson with her faithful hound Dave.

A full-page spread of Street Cat Bob and Bowen can be found in this week’s Big Issue magazine.

The role Blue Cross plays in supporting pets is crucial for thousands across Britain, and is especially welcome by those living on the streets. The charity treats 30,000 poorly pets every year, and even helped Bob and Bowen in their time of need.

Bob’s owner Bowen, a former Big Issue vendor, said: “I couldn’t agree more with Blue Cross that pets really do change our lives as we also can change theirs.”

James Bowen and Bob for Blue Cross pet charity by Rankin
James Bowen and Bob for Blue Cross pet charity by Rankin