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The Big Issue’s Future Generations Pledge has attracted cross-party support

Labour’s Jess Phillips, Liberal Democrats’ Luciana Berger and more have vowed to support us in our bid to ensure that future generations will be considered in present-day decision-making

This week we are launching our Future Generations Pledge and it already has backing from across the political spectrum.

While we wait for Lord John Bird’s Future Generations Bill to be reintroduced into parliament once it returns after December’s election, we asked politicians to vow to adopt the future thinking approach that the would-be legislation is hoping to enshrine in law.

If the bill passes through parliament in the next session, it will aim to replicate Wales’ Well-being of Future Generations Act but to take things further, installing a Future Generations Commissioner for the UK to balance the needs of the future are considered in decision-making.

We asked politicians to take the following pledge:

“If elected as a Member of Parliament on December 12 2019, I pledge to use my voice, and my vote, to:


Working to prevent problems, including the climate crisis and poverty, from happening, instead of dealing in short-term, political emergencies.


Taking their needs into account in new policies, budgets and laws, giving them at seat at the table.


Delivering a new, sustainable vision for the nation that prioritises the environmental, social, economic and cultural well-being of current and future generations.”

And here’s how the politicians who have got behind the pledge responded:

Jess Phillips
Jess' Big Issue Sell-Off opened her eyes to the challenges of selling The Big Issue magazine

Jess Phillips (Labour): Birmingham Yardley

“For too long politicians have been fighting fires rather than facing the future. We must plan for the future and make sure that those who will live in that future are guiding progress. For too long we have dwelled on the past with both nostalgia and regret. This moves very little forward. We need progress, change and hope – and this pledge can be our first step.”

Afzal Khan (Labour): Manchester Gorton

“This is a real opportunity to build sustainability into our public work, not often enough have we balanced the needs of future generations with our own. In a context of climate emergency, vast economic inequality and insecurity for young people, the time is ripe for real commitment to public wellbeing and sustainable development.”

Luciana Berger (Lib Dem): Finchley & Golders Green

“I believe it is incumbent on us to leave our children with a better world than the one we came into, and as someone who is committed to sustainable solutions to critical issues like the climate crisis and poverty, I wholly support the Future Generations Pledge.”

Tom Brake (Lib Dem): Carshalton & Wallington

“I’m really pleased to be supporting The Big Issue’s future generations pledge. Brexit may dominate the headlines, but the UK has other critical challenges not just on the horizon, but in the here and now. It’s a pledge on the essential duties of government, and I hope all MPs will take inspiration.”

Caroline Lucas John Bird
Caroline Lucas with Lord John Bird

Caroline Lucas (Green): Brighton Pavilion

“I’ve signed the pledge because I’m committed to building a better world with a Green New Deal, delivering urgent action on the climate crisis, in line with what the science tells us; addressing inequality; and putting people’s well-being and the health of our environment at the heart of government policies.”

Amelia Womack (Green, Deputy Leader): Newport West

“We already have the Future Generations Act in Wales and it’s clear to see the impact it has on ensuring politicians focus on what needs to be protected. I look at the young people who went on the school strikes and think their futures should have been protected. I hope the actions of politicians today will mean young people don’t need to take to the streets in future years.”

Dr Philippa Whitford (SNP): Central Ayrshire

“The Scottish Government has invested in improving well-being throughout people’s lives, from the Baby Box to free personal care. It’s why I’m proud to take this pledge. I believe that a fairer, healthier and environmentally-sustainable country can only be delivered if the drive to achieve ever greater economic growth is replaced by the physical, mental and environmental well-being of current and future generations, which should sit at the heart of every policy decision.”

Martyn Day (SNP): Linlithgow & East Falkirk

“I’m delighted to be supporting this campaign as I believe the future is too important to be decided by short-term populism. We need to plan strategically and leave a better world for those who come after us.”

Liz Saville Roberts (Plaid Cymru): Dwyfor Meirionnydd

“I’m honoured to support The Big Issue’s pledge. I applaud cross-party politicians of the Senedd who pioneered the Future Generations Act in Wales. It’s our choice. Will we be the generation celebrated in history for re-writing the tragedy of the commons? Will be safeguard the commonwealth of all generations?”

If you want your MP to back The Big Issue’s Future Generations Pledge, here’s all the details about how you can get them involved.