Twitter’s #foodbankchallenge is inspiring Hugh Grant to donate to foodbanks

We hope more celebs will join in and raise awareness

Hugh Grant may be more used to Notting Hill, but the Love Actually star made a difference in the Scottish town of Airdrie when he sent an online order of food and toiletries to a foodbank.

The gesture came on the back of the Twitter trend #foodbankchallenge, which tasks people to donate goods and snap a photo to share on social media.

Highlands-based blogger Alex, who has drawn attention to the struggles of life on the breadline with his blog Life of a Universal Credit Sufferer, kicked off the challenge.

On the back of the donation, the blogger posted: “So many people are learning about food poverty and what is causing it. Everyone should be so proud of themselves for making a difference. It is you and not me who own this.”

Grant’s supermarket donation delivered a timely boost to the Airdrie foodbank. The groceries, nappies and baby food he sent are much in demand as donations dry up during summer.


If you pay for the magazine you should always take it. Vendors are working for a hand up, not a handout.

Following the haul, the Hollywood ace convinced former footballer and the face of Match of the Day Gary Lineker to get involved, as well as his A Very English Scandal co-star and former Inbetweener Blake Harrison.

And Grant hasn’t stopped there. He’s kept the #foodbankchallenge rolling by visiting his local foodbank in Hammersmith and Fulham before following that up with another donation to the Airdrie foodbank he started out with. Top work.

But the skyrocketing demand for foodbanks means it’s going to take a huge effort from us all to stop people going hungry – and the big names could lead the way.

A total of 1,332,952 three-day emergency food supplies were distributed in the past 12 months – 484,026 to children – representing a 13 per cent rise on average over the previous year, according to research from The Trussell Trust.

And the national foodbank charity is pretty clear on what is behind the rise – Universal Credit. In areas where the troubled benefits revamp has been rolled out, the rise in usage is even higher with up to 52 per cent more demand.

More superstars should be following in Grant’s illustrious footsteps to keep foodbanks stocked so we want you to keep an eye out for him or other stars helping out. Get in touch at