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UK’s first homeless bill of rights one step closer to becoming reality

Brighton could be the first UK city to recognise the rights of people experiencing homelessness

Proposals to pass the UK’s first homeless bill of rights in Brighton have moved forwards after councillors in the city gave their unanimous backing.

The city council was asked if it would consider enshrining 13 rights for homeless people in the authority’s policy.

Campaigners have called for rights including the right to housing, the right to shelter and the right to use public space to shape decisions made by Brighton’s council.

A cross-party group threw its weight behind the idea and will now present the unofficial bill to the Housing and New Homes Committee.

A final decision on the bill is expected on September 18. If the council agree to make the bill policy, they will become the first authority in the UK to do so. Six cities in Europe, including Barcelona, have already accepted the bill.

Image: Brighton & Hove Housing Coalition