Up to 20% off Street Art at The Big Issue Shop this weekend

Over this Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, there are great bargains on Street Art and prints at The Big Issue Shop

The Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend is here.

Now, you could battle a bunch of bargain hunters for a budget 50-inch telly in the aisles of the local supermarket. Or you could set your alarm to wake up at the crack of dawn to land that fitness-tracking watch when the price drops for one hour only.

But there is another way. Throughout this weekend, The Big Issue Shop is slashing prices with exclusive deals and massive discounts that will let you support great causes in the UK and across the globe, without feeling the pinch in your pockets.

Artwork and prints are the order of the day with up to 20 per cent off the works. But these Street Art masterpieces are not your average doodles, drawings and designs ­– each piece paints a picture about the artist themselves, with every contributor experiencing homelessness or mental health issues in the past.

Rotten Boroughs by Steve McIntosh

Street artists

A punk-inspired print of the Queen from Tangerine, Bryony Marie Fry’s street art portrait of late singer Amy Winehouse, Steve McIntosh’s comics-inspired reflection on the Houses of Parliament (above) and more, are all available in the massive sale.

Big Issue founder John Bird has also added his own watercolour paintings and sketches to the sale with plenty of his pieces on offer to brighten up your walls.