Vendor City Guide: Brno, Czech Republic

Street secrets revealed by the people who know them best

Our guides this week: Jarda and Jozef sell Czech street paper Nový Prostor [meaning New Space] in Brno. They are two of the best vendors in the city with a lot of regular customers. They have overcome a series of adversities in their lives, but despite all that have a wicked sense of humour.

Best places to go in Brno

Jozef:  Špilberk Castle, of course.

Jarda: Špilberk, classic, definitely.

Jozef: And we must not forget the famous Brno astronomical clock.

Jarda: Or I would send you to the King’s Field area. In Šelepova Street there is the Šelepka club and restaurant – there are benches around and dancing for middle and older generations.

Jozef: Well… it’s no disco!

Your favourite places in Brno

Jozef: I sometimes go to Lužánky, take a walk, sit on a bench and watch people enjoying the day.

Jarda: It’s good there, it’s the largest park in Brno.

Jozef: And in the summer [Czech singer] Radůza sang there.

Jarda: Yes, that was great. I have seen Radůza six times already, she is very good.

Jozef: I sit there for two hours, and when I leave I am lighter.

Jarda: I have the most beautiful memory of the festival that once took place on the Green Market, it was called ‘sedm smrtelných hříchů’ – like seven deadly sins. It took a week and every day there was a theatre performance, then a concert and a movie at night. It ended at three in the morning. That was something so beautiful! And probably the greatest joy over the years I had last winter, before Christmas. It was when a good customer, an attorney and his wife, also an attorney, came to me and brought me a ticket to The Animals concert at the Sono Centre. The band I have known since I was young, and now I could finally see them live!


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Where to eat

Jozef: Severka in the King’s Field is good, you can get great

Czech cuisine. The pork dumplings and cabbage are particularly excellent.

Jarda: You know what I haven’t eaten in a long time? Belgrade schnitzel! This is a cutlet which comes with a lot of garlic, vegetables such as peppers and tomatoes and is very spicy.

Jozef: But I don’t go to restaurants. I buy a croissant in a convenience store and eat at the hostel.

Illustration: Megan Reddi