Watch Public Service Broadcasting’s coal industry-lamenting music video

Top band Public Service Broadcasting unveil video for new single 'People Will Always Need Coal' on The Big Issue ahead of Record Store Day 2018

Pseudonymous music group Public Service Broadcasting are known for their political pop. Drums, guitar, banjo and electronics combine with archival sounds and public information film material to form their unique sound – designed to inform, educate and entertain listeners.

And the band, led by J Willgoose, are unveiling their latest video, for new single ‘People Will Always Need Coal’ on The Big Issue.

And here it is…

The new video uses footage of the Welsh coal mining industry in its heyday.

It really is telling, and sad, how swiftly a ‘job for life’ became an ex-job

“The footage comes from various National Coal Board recruitment materials, all doing their best to sell a dangerous and dirty job to a new generation,” says Willgoose.

“Over all of it, the dark irony of what was to come in the 1980s and 1990s looms. It really is telling, and sad, how swiftly a ‘job for life’ became an ex-job.”

The single is released as part of Record Store Day. The exclusive vinyl release will be available from 21 April, and features remixes from Flamingods, Vessels, Plaid and Nabihah Iqbal that mould the track into fresh new shapes.


Last year, 27,000 people worldwide earned an income selling street papers, making a total of £23.4 million.

Public Service Broadcasting are vocal supporters of the annual celebration of independent record shops.

“It’s always nice to be part of Record Store Day and to support independent record shops – they’ve been so important for us so it’s the least we can do. Here’s hoping for another successful, maybe even record-breaking, day in aid of independent music across the world.”

Look out for more from Public Service Broadcasting coming soon in The Big Issue…

  • ‘People Will Always Need Coal’ is taken from Public Service Broadcasting’s new album ‘Every Valley’ out now