2019: To The Barricades

Issue 1339

2019: To The Barricades

Happy New Year from The Big Issue! We’d like to thank you for getting behind our vendors in 2018. With your help, they’re part of an international movement working their way out of poverty. Stay with us in 2019 and continue to be part of the journey.

In this week’s Big Issue: Victor Hugo’s epic of love, loss and smashing the system is set to explode on to our screens as the first big TV event of 2019. We speak to the stars, Dominic West and David Oyelowo to hear why BBC’s Les Mis√©rables doesn’t need to make a song and dance to be a hit.


  • Brexit, Trump, North Korea, Russia, natural disasters and climate meltdown. The world has been erratic and unpredictable in recent years and nobody on earth seems to know what’s going on. So we look to the stars for guidance on what’s ahead for some of the significant people, businesses and political events on the horizon, in the hope maybe it might not be as bleak as news headlines might suggest.
  • Happy New Year! Or is it? We explore the calendars where it’s not actually coming up for 2019
  • Take The Big Issue big fat housing and social policy quiz of the year! Navigate the murky waters of a year of a dizzying policy announcements, half-announcements, re-announcements, repackaging and rehashing and dazzle your pals with your expert knowledge!

And as always, much more

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