ISSUE 1319

Above & Beyond: The Incredible, Fearless Women of WWII

During World War II extraordinary women flew missions for the RAF showing bravery that was often overshadowed. The recent death of Spitfire heroine Mary Ellis has brought their stories to the fore once again. In this week’s magazine, Jo Wheeler reclaims their place in history

  • A decade on from the financial crash that saw industry reformed, banks coughing up millions in fines and an end to the bonus culture that rewarded risk, could it ever happen again? One industry insider shares his thoughts.
  • With Brexit looming the only thing growing in fields is the fear that seasonal EU workers are staying away from the fruit and veg-picking industry. We ask why British jobseekers won’t get their hands dirty.
  • Is 2018’s extreme weather set to become the new norm? The best thing you can do, says one environmental scientist, is stop having kids…

Plus much, much more in this week’s The Big Issue