Crisis in Ukraine

Issue 1503

Crisis in Ukraine


The Russian invasion of Ukraine is dominating world news so we look at how people are coming to the aid of refugees and how street papers in eastern Europe are stepping up to show solidarity. We also hear from a Ukrainian charity working on the ground about how the already poor and marginalised in the country are most at risk.

Mark Rylance

The greatest actor of our age, Mark Rylance sits down to talk to The Big Issue about working during lockdown – whether that be in big budget movies with the likes of DiCaprio, or students cheeky enough to ask him to play a role in their film.

Digital inclusion

Exclusive polling by The Big Issue has found just how important access to the internet is when it comes to carrying out essential functions like finding a job or keeping up to date on Covid-19 guidance.

Also inside

  • TV doc and heartthrob Hilary Jones recalls how he changed the face of medicine on television in a Letter To My Younger Self
  • A special supplement to mark B Corp Month explains how businesses are committing to better practices to benefit people and planet
  • Do you own the phone in your pocket? Components that can’t be sourced, faults that can’t be repaired, software that limits its lifespan are all reasons why Right to Repair is essential
  • New hit show Mood on BBC Three navigates the tricky path between dreams and reality. We speak to its star and creator Nicôle Lecky
  • And Cristian in Edinburgh tells us about how he’s learned English while selling the magazine: “I really do believe that if you have a vision of what you want to do in the UK you can make it happen.”