• First Dates’ Fred Sirieix has big plans for British jobs

First Dates’ Fred Sirieix has big plans for British jobs

Issue 1464

First Dates’ Fred Sirieix has big plans for British jobs

Fred Sirieix

The most famous hospitality worker in the country, Fred Sirieix from First Dates and many other foodie related shows, is at the heart of an industry in crisis. After a year of lockdown, restaurants, hotels and cafes are hoping to bounce back – but they can’t find the staff. Sirieix explains why the hospitality crisis started well before Covid – but he has a solution to fix it.

Richard Cotterill

Usually found selling The Big Issue in Wadebridge, Cornwall, Richard has decided to sell all he owns and walk the length of the UK. “The walk is about my enjoyment, my creativity and my passion,” he explains. We’ll be following his progress over the coming days and weeks.

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