Who you gonna call? The new female frontline

Issue 1214

Who you gonna call? The new female frontline

In this weeks issue…Politics are in uncharted territory across the globe, the business world is shaken, even sport has been tarnished. Who you gonna call to fix things? It’s time for the sisterhood to step up!

Our cover features Hillary Clinton, Theresa May, Taylor Swift and Serena Williams – four women making news in the last week for their extraordinary political, business and sporting achievements – as the alternative Ghostbusters, as Victoria Anderson looks at why women’s time has come. In Scotland we of course nod to the nation’s Brexit-busting First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who replaces Hillary on the cover there (see below).

Also in the magazine…

The world united in football: we look back at the most successful Homeless World Cup yet in a picture special, an international tournament given extra poignancy after the awful events in Nice.

‘We have come for your data!’: the Pokemon Go craze got off to a murky start when it turned out that playing it gave its makers access to all of users’ Google account info and even emails. That’s been fixed, but we look at how every click you make online is tracked and transformed into cold hard cash for companies across the globe.

Ross Noble overcame low expectations at school to become one of Britain’s best-loved stand-up comedians. In his Letter To My Younger Self he talks about what it was like to lose everything when his family’s home burned down, and how he learned to be a survivor (in a Ray Mears style).

Jason Petch, who is living in a hostel, recently wrote about the exorbitant cost to local authorities of funding hostel places. This week he reveals how he was told “under no circumstances get a job” by staff at the hostel, or they would lose the income he generates for them in Housing Benefit. It’s a shocking and insightful piece.


  • Find out what it’s like to fly a 747 jet with a pilot-philosopher, and learn 5 books about missing persons that everyone should read
  • Radio review this week sees Robin Ince celebrate Roald Dahl, while in Film Edward Lawrenson encounters The BFG on the big screen
  • What’s it like to sit across from Iggy Pop at the breakfast table? His glamorous co-star of Blood Orange and erstwhile housemate Kasey Clarke spills the beans
  • Pause and learn about life in rock-pools (not for the faint-hearted – you’ll want to wear wellies next time you paddle)
  • Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards divulges his secret passion for Ceroc dancing (it’s how he meets ladies)
  • John Bird reflects upon his first House of Lords motion, and the importance of being able to admit you’re wrong
  • My Pitch this week hears how moved Ian Coltman, from Norwich, was when he was called “grandad” for the first time. He’s working hard to rebuild his life. It’s inspiring.