Homeless in Ukraine

Issue 1505

Homeless in Ukraine


Three million people have been displaced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine – this week we find out what it was like for people who were already homeless and are still in the war zone. We speak to the remarkable frontline workers keeping a hostel in Kyiv open and those delivering aid on the frontline. We also trace the journey of a woman’s desperate struggle to reach safety – just one story of millions telling of heartbreak, lives disrupted in the most awful way.

A revolutionary love story

New BBC drama Then Barbara Met Alan reveals the direct action that led to the Disability Discrimination Act. Its stars Ruth Madeley and Arthur Hughes, and writers Jack Thorne and Genevieve Barr, take us inside the story of an unsung civil rights struggle.

Also inside

  • We challenge the Chancellor to include four points in his spring Budget to offer help as the cost of living surges
  • Alex ‘Bill from Bill and Ted’ Winter delivers and excellent Letter To My Younger Self, taking in his many adventures in life, not all of them bogus
  • Actress and comedian Morgana Robinson finally reveals aspects of her own self after years of hiding behind impressions of others
  • Love, Actually writer and director Richard Curtis writes about how we all have the power to create a better world by thinking more about our money, actually
  • And Dean Porter, back selling The Big Issue in London, explains how he wants to use his earnings to take lap steel guitar lessons

Plus a lot more!