• How the poorest communities in Britain are being left to flood

How the poorest communities in Britain are being left to flood

Issue 1502

How the poorest communities in Britain are being left to flood

The hell of high water

The recent spate of storms has brought flooding misery to many. But what happens if you live in a flood-risk zone and can’t afford protection, insurance or replacement of your possessions? For thousands in the UK, this is a growing reality – and it’s the poorest who are always hardest hit.

Independent thinkers

The Big Issue’s support for independent book shops and publishers is longstanding and has intensified in the last few years. More than ever the indie books scene has required nerve, along with a large capacity for hope, faith and optimism. The alleged ‘death of the high street’, the growth of online book-buying in the midst of a global pandemic… these are not ideal conditions to open an independent bookshop. But that didn’t stop some intrepid booksellers taking big, brave steps into the unknown and following their dream.

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