How we live now: Poverty and hunger in 2019

Issue 1360

How we live now: Poverty and hunger in 2019

This week we’re bringing you our special report into poverty and hunger in the UK. As more and more families head to foodbanks, while the latest fad diets lord it over eating habits from all angles, we tuck in to the real state of the nation’s stomach.

Inside this week:

  • A healthy, balanced diet is difficult to fit into any lifestyle, even more so for those who are homeless. People sofa surfing, in supported accommodation or rough sleeping can be affected by hunger and malnutrition, preventing them moving on with their life. Isabel Rice is a dietician who works for homelessness charity Centrepoint. She says that food insecurity is on the rise
  • Oscar winner Patricia Arquette slams the move against women’s rights in Our Letter To My Younger Self
  • Will you be happy eating imported US chicken blasted with chlorine? Find out how it affects us and animal welfare
  • The New Statesman’s Stephen Bush sets up camp in our books section
  • Our Big Pic this week showcases the remarkable way the world’s largest refugee camp has changed over the last five years – all because of technology
  • And we head to Gothenburg for this week’s vendor travel page

And more! On the streets now…