Paapa Essiedu

Issue 1576

Paapa Essiedu

Paapa Essiedu may just be the finest acting talent of his generation. He starred alongside his drama school pal Michaela Coel in her Bafta-winning I May Destroy You and more recently, played the lead role in The Lazarus Project, joining a crew of time-travelling secret agents.  

Now, fresh from another compelling turn in Netflix’s Black Mirror as a demon channelling Boney M’s disco king Bobby Farrell, he’s returning to his first love the stage at the National Theatre where he’s preparing to open The Effect.

It’s here we spoke to Essiedu for this week’s magazine. The role actors play – offstage – has never been more crucial. Tens of thousands of actors and creatives are on strike in the US, and Essiedu was keen to lend his support.

“It feels like a really important moment and it’s really important that the right decisions are made at this point,” he says. “Because the history of this industry, and this society, is one of exploitation. I think what we do can be very powerful. And I don’t think it is idealistic to say films, TV shows, plays significantly impact and change people’s lives.”

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