Proceed with maximum kindness

Issue 1425

Proceed with maximum kindness

Everybody’s favourite Doctor is playing the darkest role of his career. In an upcoming drama about serial killer Dennis Nilsen, David Tennant explored how poverty and inequality in the 1980s allowed the killer to target vulnerable people on the margins – and he tells us how he sees parallels in today’s crisis-hit world.

Also inside:

  • One of the UK’s most eminent historians, David Kynaston, writes about how football scored an own goal by substituting its humble origins for massive corporate domination
  • Indie-rock icon Kristin Hersh recalls her crippling shyness in this week’s Letter To My Younger Self
  • Melissa Benn writes about how the exams fiasco has exposed inequalities at the heart of education, while barrister Alexandra Wilson explains why diverse representation is essential for client representation in the legal system
  • We take a trip stateside to find out how vendors of a street paper in Seattle are coping now they’re allowed to return to their pitches
  • Remembering the Blitz, 80 years on
  • Fact/Fiction explains why honey is a sweet remedy for coughs and colds
  • Our vendor expert Amanda helps us brush up on our swimming strokes
  • And James McMahon puts us to sleep… in a good way, exploring the current ‘sleep crisis’ and how we can have sweet dreams again

Plus lots more!

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