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Scythe Matters! Poldark’s plan for a better Britain

Issue 1367


In this week’s magazine:

  • Poldark is back for a fifth and final series. As it draws to a close we look at the issues the tricorned hero tackles that still blight the country today – poverty, housing, illiteracy. And in tribute to that memorable scything scene, we speak to the UK champion to find out what a scythe has that your Flymo doesn’t.
  • What do Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt really know about homelessness? We dig into their records on the issue. Filmmaker and ex-EastEnder Ross Kemp has made a documentary about the crisis – and he could teach the would-be leaders a thing or two.
  • This week’s Changemaker is a letting agent that’s opening up good-quality housing to people on benefits and low incomes. It’s called Homes For Good and Hannah Westwater has spoken to its founder Susan Aktemel.