The power of protest

Issue 1483

The power of protest

Ten years since Occupy

As we were about to enter the age of austerity, the Occupy movement became a manifestation of the anger felt at the time. Many of the issues protestors spoke about are still with is so this week we ask whether protest can actually achieve change.

The man behind the mask

This week’s cover is an exclusive illustration from David Lloyd, the artist who alongside Alan Moore, set out to change comics with V For Vendetta – creating an icon of disruption in the process.

The Lord of St Paul’s

We tell the curious and remarkable story of Big Issue vendor Jimmy who during the Occupy protests became the owner of St Paul’s Cathedral. Sort of. 

Also inside

  • The bard of Barking, Billy Bragg, talks about choosing to become a hunter rather than the hunted in an Letter To My Younger Self
  • Ridley Road writer Sarah Solemani explains how the anti-fascist shoe has its root in the housing crisis
  • Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds tells us the tunes that fire him up
  • We find out why the spending review will be critical for the future of Housing First
  • And for World Homeless Day we take a trip to meet street paper vendors from Australia, Taiwan and Serbia

Plus much more!

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