Edinburgh students set for university challenge to tackle inequalities

A group of students at the University of Edinburgh's Business School will face a 48 hour challenge to create their own socially conscious business.

A group of Edinburgh-based students will attempt to tackle some of the world’s most prescient challenges this week by developing a business idea that combines profit with purpose.

Over 100 undergraduate students at the University of Edinburgh’s Business School will take part in the 48-hour #makeyourmark competition which challenges them to develop their own social enterprise to tackle inequalities.

Students will get the chance to discuss their ideas with business leaders and to create something that has the potential to benefit our collective future

Running from October 24 to 26 the students will identify global challenges, ranging from fuel poverty and loneliness in old age, to financial literacy and homelessness which they will model their business around.

Run in partnership with Social Investment Scotland, one of the UK’s leading responsible finance providers, students will receive mentoring and workshops from some of Scotland’s leading business minds over the two days, as they try develop solutions to the challenges they identify.

Each team will present their business model to a panel of judges on the final day, for a chance to secure networking time with leading global businesses and social enterprises.


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Wendy Loretto, Dean of the University of Edinburgh Business School said: “The Business School asks students to look at the world with critical eyes, and this is event is another example of our commitment. With #makeyourmark students will get the chance to discuss their ideas with business leaders, to work with students from different parts of the university, and to create something that has the potential to benefit our collective future.”


The winning team of the inaugural event held in February, developed Femmebox, a product to support homeless women with vital feminine hygiene products. Using a monthly subscription model, Femmebox matched every box of hygiene products purchased with an equivalent parcel, delivered to shelters for women in need.

Mariah Tissera, a winning member of the Femmebox team, said: “The amount of knowledge and skills I gained from well-established social entrepreneurs about big issues that are very close to my heart has been incredible!”

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