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Nothing to fear: Facing down Donald Trump, one joke at a time
Issue 1228

This unforgettable front-page featuring a ghoulish Donald Trump as an alien from John Carpenter’s cult classic film, They Live, has been shortlisted for Cover of the Year at this year’s PPA Scotland Awards. The awards recognise magazines that are produced in Scotland – where The Big Issue, that is sold across Britain, has its editorial base.

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Illustrator Mitch O’Connell created something startling, immediate, funny and scary

Our entry description reads: “The US election gripped the world. The Big Issue wanted a cover that suggested Trump was on the rise, and also hinted at a sinister subtext. They also had an interview with horror legend John Carpenter, that referenced his film They Live – that idea that beneath the façade of reality there is some dark mind-control going on.

“Illustrator Mitch O’Connell had created a poster of Trump that played on an iconic still from Carpenter’s movie – he retooled it especially for The Big Issue to create something startling, immediate, funny and scary.”

And that’s not all. Our campaign to mark The Big Issue’s landmark 25th birthday has also made the shortlist for the inaugural Social Media Campaign of the Year. You might remember when we brought together friends old and new – including Michael Palin, Julie Walters, Sadiq Khan, James Bowen, Mark Hamill, and many more – for a celebratory video, below.

The PPA Scotland Awards take place in Edinburgh on November 23.