Bite The Ballot: Calling the real generals to the election

We must get out and vote. The power is in our hands, says Michael Sani from Bite The Ballot

I thought I’d be writing this blog three years down the line but after last week’s announcement my message needs to come now!

Less than seven weeks to go until we vote for the next government and it’s important that we all understand that this election is about much more than personalities, sound bites and the hot topics such as Brexit.

It’s about influence, using our vote and what we want those representing us to do for us. There’s far more at stake then a hard or soft Brexit. Whoever wins this election will have to solve some of the biggest issues facing our society today. Issues like youth unemployment and the future of jobs, unaffordable housing, homelessness, access to health care, ensuring an education that’s fit for purpose and cracking down on the institutional racism which still, embarrassingly, exists.

Whoever wins this election will have to solve some of the biggest issues facing our society today

We cannot afford to leave these issues in the hands of an unempathetic, unrelatable and self-serving government whichever colour flag they fly. This election provides an opportunity for us to choose the best people (who put themselves forward of course) to represent us and our communities. We cannot allow the ‘same old, business as usual’ people to be voted into power. We need better leaders, we need change and we need it NOW! If society doesn’t demand it then it’s naive to expect it to just happen.

I know some of you will be wondering who to vote for and probably feeling like no candidate actually represents you. But you have to also remember that no one candidate or party is ever going to represent all your views or values, it’s impossible.

However, if you want to choose the right party for you this election, then just ask yourself this. ‘Do they want to bring about the changes I want to see?’ ‘Do their values match mine? And, ‘Can I trust them to have the conviction to deliver on their promises or try their best at least?’

If you still can’t confidently answer yes to any of these questions then maybe it’s worth sending a clear message by spoiling your ballot – the perfect way to express yourself if you feel like no one represents you – as spoilt ballots are still counted but you have to do it properly.

In it’s simplest terms, the relationship between us, the people, and those that represent us is a case of supply and demand. A surge in registrations will create a demand in which all political parties will have to supply too or risk being replaced (and every single party wants your vote).

You have the power to mobilise those around you to register to vote and go to the polls on June 8th. However, after June 8th the real work begins. We as a society have a duty to ensure whichever party wins, they are held accountable to us and that the things they promised us as a country are delivered.

So, this election let’s make a statement – let’s make it about shaking the foundations of the establishment and shifting the political culture particularly for young citizens who are set to live the longest with the decisions made by others.

We have power and we just need to rise up to become the real generals in this election and beyond.