Bryony Marie Fry, also known as Bright Smoke, is an artist, writer, and musician, based in the New Forest. She was brought up in an environment swarming with creativity as her mother is an artist, and her father is a musician, so the natural progression towards her own creative ventures was inevitable. Throughout 2007-2012, Bryony battled with severe addictions to drugs and alcohol, but after a huge wake up call, upon the death of Amy Winehouse, she made drastic steps towards recovery. Later, she completed a Business Enterprise Course with The Princes Trust, which helped her to set up her own Art & Textiles business, and she also went on to appear in the Channel 4 documentary Addicts Symphony, where she wrote and performed with other recovering addicts and the London Symphony Orchestra. Bryony is now a part time florist and is focused heavily on making a career out of her music, art and writing. A note from the Artist“This painting is of Amy Winehouse, a woman who changed my life without her ever even knowing. All the while she was battling with her addictions, I was battling with my own, and when she died my whole life turned upside down. I realised how fragile I was, how little time I had left if I carried on down the road that I was travelling. This painting also contains all of my own rail cards, and when I glued them all down, and painted the image over the top, I realised a card was showing through the gap where her hands are. This rail card is dated to the one year anniversary of my sobriety, and also an exact year before the launch night of my debut art exhibition at The Strand Gallery in London. I still can't quite believe how uncanny that is!"
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