Big Issue Vendor

Killing Eve’s shock Big Issue confession should inspire you to back vendors

In episode four of the third season of the hit show, the show took an unprecedented dark turn when Eve admitted she had never bought The Big Issue. Her decision-making never was that great

There are lessons to be taken from the BBC’s Killing Eve. Always smile back at strangers in ice cream shops. Only accept perfume from people you trust. And “never call a psychopath a psychopath – it upsets them”.

But there’s something more to be learned from the spy thriller hit: Buy The Big Issue.

When Eve admitted in this week’s episode that she had never bought the magazine, we found it difficult not to take against her. That’s despite her being under constant threat from a twisted assassin whose complex psycho-sexual feelings for Eve have already driven Villanelle to attempt murdering her. Sure, your life is at risk and people you love have died. But never buying The Big Issue? We’re rooting for Villanelle, now for more than just her flair and outfits.

If Eve’s dark confession has pushed you to reconsider your own choices – or if you want to prove you do, in fact, have good taste unlike the show’s protagonist – you might consider taking out a Big Issue subscription.

You can buy those or purchase one-off issues from The Big Issue app, available now from the App Store or Google Play.

Most of us are already avoiding murderous spies in our daily lives, something Eve clearly struggles with. It’s better to have a great magazine, that supports thousands of vulnerable people across the UK, through the door or to your device every week than one of those. Head to for more details.

You can also get a copy in stores for the first time. Head to Sainsbury’s, McColl’s, Co-op, Asda or WH Smith to grab the latest issue.

Don’t be like Eve. Don’t be like Villanelle, either. But do back the Big Issue vendors at this massively difficult time.