Behind the scenes of A Christmas Gift From Bob

The Big Issue celebrates the release of A Christmas Gift From Bob by taking a behind the scenes look at the making of the film that captures the magic of the late, great Street Cat Bob

A Christmas Gift From Bob, the festive film all feline fans have been waiting for, is finally on the big screen and, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, streaming to smaller screens until cinemas reopen.

And last November, before “covid” or “R rate” where even a glint in 2020’s eye, The Big Issue was invited onset to meet Bob and the rest of cast and crew on set.

James Bowen, the former busker and Big Issue vendor who became an author thanks to his adventures with Bob was there too.

Speaking about the incredible success of 2016’s A Street Cat Named Bob, he said: “The first film connected with audiences around the world…

“It saw off competition from some big Hollywood imports and was at one point in tens of thousands of Chinese cinemas. It was mind-bending.”

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And Luke Treadaway, who returns to star as James, explained the plot of the sequel: “The film begins when James meets a homeless guy and takes him for some food. Through talking to him he offers this story of the last Christmas he and Bob were working on the streets together.

“It’s that story we’re seeing throughout the film; how things can be very bad but can lead to a brighter future; by doing good, good comes back to you.”

The film is available now to watch on streaming services and cinemas across the country and you can read the full behind the scenes story in the latest edition of The Big Issue.

And to mark the film’s release, The Big Issue proudly has Bob on its cover – which reflects a key point of the film’s storyline.

bob cover articl;e

James helps a young homeless person by recommending that he becomes a Big Issue vendor. That helps turn his life around.

From selling the magazine to appearing on its cover multiple times, James and Bob have raised awareness of what Big Issue vendors are going through.

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In these unpredictable times, the message in A Christmas Gift From Bob about kindness, compassion and keeping the hope through hopeless times is as essential as ever.

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