The most influential book in Brexit?

DUP chief Arlene Foster has had the whip hand in talks with the PM – we can reveal the book she’s been reading during this time

Arlene Foster has been dangling Theresa May on a string as Brexit negotiations close around her – but what has Foster been reading during this historic time in UK politics?

She told The Big Issue all about it in this week’s edition.

Foster said she’s been diving into geopolitical forensic investigation The Best of Times, The Worst of Times by Michael Burleigh.

“For those of us involved in politics locally it is important to look beyond our immediate boundaries to what is happening across the world and how it impacts upon politics at home,” the DUP government puppet master said. “The book looks at China and the policies of President Xi, moves across to Russia and the ruthlessness of Putin and then the complex jigsaw which is the Middle East. The chapter on the rise of Erdogan, the Turkish leader, is an important one as it links the east and west with all of the tensions laid bare.”

She added: “At this time especially, Burleigh’s chapter on Europe and the power play in Brussels is essential reading, and of course Burleigh also examines the phenomenon which is Donald Trump.”

Foster described it as a “hugely interesting read”, though not for the faint of heart. She recommended it as a go-to text for “anyone wanting to gain an insight into what is really behind what is happening in the world today”.

She was only one of many of 2018’s most recognisable faces to rave to The Big Issue about their latest literary obsession.

You can read picks by queen of crime Val McDermid, king of birds Chris Packham, Friend to all David Schwimmer and straight-talking MP Jess Phillips in the latest Big Issue, out now.

Read the full article in this week's Big Issue.
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