Joe Pasquale: A comedian who won’t get on your nerves

In our Summer Comedy Special, the biggest comedy legends of old share their favourite gags and funny stories

Why do we like to be by the seaside? Apart from the sun (occasionally) and donkey-strewn sand, it is the ‘end-of-the-pier’ stand-ups who stand out. These staples of summer seasons still populate the nation’s collective memory so we thought we’d bring together some of the greats for our Summer Comedy Special.

Joe Pasquale started out as an entertainer in holiday camps and before New Faces in 1987 started his TV career. He has just finished a tour as Frank Spencer in the stage adaptation of Some Mothers do ’Ave ’Em.

My earliest joke as a kid: I don’t eat winkles… they look like bogies with crash helmets!

My first big laugh on stage: Knocking myself out accidentally with the microphone. When I came to everyone was on their feet – my first standing ovation.

My breakthrough joke: On New Faces I started with a Spanish folk song called Amoosh z’do a’gee! Then sang the song How Much is that Doggie in the Window in a Spanish accent!

A joke from a comedy hero: (like Bernie Clifton) The line from my comedy hero Bob Monkhouse: “When I told everybody I wanted to be a comedian they all laughed at me… well, they’re not laughing now!”

My most recent joke: I went into the Age Concern shop yesterday, and as I went to the counter to buy something the man said, “How old are you?” I said, “56, why?” He said, “No reason… I’m just concerned!”

What do members of the public say to you most? They sing I Know a Song That’ll Get on Your Nerves to me!

Joe Pasquale celebrates 30 years in comedy with his tour Joe Pasquale: A Few Of His Favourite Things from August 15.

In our Summer Comedy Special some of the biggest comedy legends share their favourite gags and funny stories with us.